We value requirements of all our clients therefore, we try and accommodate both small and large orders. Our MOQ’s are not fixed, they vary based on style, detailing and the level of customization required. Once you share your design, we can define the MOQ depending on design complexity. However, as per standard practice, smaller orders would be less cost effective than the larger orders.

The sampling time varies between 1-2 weeks depending on the design and the materials required.

We work with many big brands and have a non-disclosure policy thus, your designs are not shown, shared or referenced with anyone outside the company.

However, we do display some samples in our factory’s showroom for a certain period on client’s approval. But as a rule, we do not manufacture the same design for any other client. We are happy to sign an NDA as we do take privacy seriously.

We take timely deliveries and product quality very seriously. For all our international clients we provide C&F (cost and freight) and FOB (free on board) delivery options. To our US clients LDP (landed duty paid) option is also available.

We try to keep the process as straightforward and simple as possible. We start with sampling for which we need –

  • Design files and spec sheets
  • Fabric details- GSM, weave style, base fabric details etc.
  • Your expected order quantity per size per colour

With the help of technology and services, we stay in constant contact with our clients (phone, email, video, courier) to ensure you are aware of all the developments regarding your sample/order.

We respect all our relationships and work directly with brands and through buying agencies. Our main aim is to satisfy our client’s needs and build a long lasting mutually beneficial relationship.

We manufacture for both domestic and export markets.

Let’s Explore the Possibilities of Working Together 🙂

We would love to converse how we can add value to your business with the best of our expertise in producing high-quality clothing at competitive prices.